Less nighttime accidents with xenon headlights

Drivers who have xenon lighting in their vehicles travel 70% safer than those who use conventional halogen lights, according to a study by the German Automobile Club (ADAC), made public by Hella, a global supplier of the automobile industry.

In this way, the report reveals that xenon headlights have a light capacity between two and three times greater than traditional lighting, so they guarantee a greater range, providing better lateral visibility.

According to the latest international lighting tests, if all vehicles equated with xenon headlights, the number of nighttime traffic accidents could be reduced by half, while the number of fatalities would fall by up to 18%.

On the other hand, Hella considers that some of the reasons why drivers are a priori more reluctant to acquire this technology are ignorance of the advantages of xenon lights, their somewhat higher price, and the false belief that this type of lighting produces glare.

xenon headlights

However, Hella clarifies that the xenon headlights are not causing any additional glare. Still, rather, it is a “subjective impression” of the drivers themselves due to the characteristics and design of this type of lighting.

The German brand remembers that although a large part of motorists drives with h11 led bulb headlights placed too high causing glare, this does not happen with xenon systems that, thanks to their automatic regulation and the washing of their headlights, avoid these problems.

Hella has several xenon systems such as dynamic cornering light or the adaptive limit between light and dark (HDD) that automatically adapts the headlamp range to the vehicle ahead and the one in the opposite direction, with the help of A camera system.

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