The Guide to Help You Avoid Annoying Glare While Driving

In the accident figures year after year we see that a large percentage of fatalities registered during the night even though traffic is less. There is also talk of about 5% of total accidents during sunrise and sunset, which are only a few minutes a day. With these data, it is clear to us that extreme precautions must be taken with glare while driving, as they can create situations of real danger.

After all, approximately 90% of the information we receive while driving comes to us through the sense of sight. We already talked about the importance of guidelines to improve visibility. Now we are going to focus on avoiding this temporary blindness caused by a strong light contrast, and that makes us travel hundreds of meters without knowing what is going on ahead.

Because glare is just that, when the eye adapted to luminosity and suddenly receives a much higher level of light, it is not able to manage it correctly. It passes more sharply at night when the pupil is dilated to see better in the dark and receives a source of light directly that forces the pupil to contract to lose a large percentage of vision momentarily.

avoid annoying glare

That is why we started talking about the night and the moments of dawn and sunset because they are the situations where drivers are more susceptible to glare.

During the day, the causes are different. As there is a greater amount of light, the problem usually occurs with large contrasts and, in those hours, wear good sunglasses that can mitigate that effect. Also, maintain speed and direction to avoid impacts against other vehicles.

Another almost inevitable situation is when driving with the sun in front,  use sunglasses becomes almost mandatory, and you can also use the sun visor of the car. Although the sun is in another position, we must not neglect, as places like buildings or other cars can affect our reflections. With the sun in the back, you can also get the reflection through the rearview mirror, so it is advisable to place it in your night position if you do not have.

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