The Factors You Should Know Before Buying H4 Led Bulbs

It is necessary to highlight several factors that you should pay attention to in order to understand which LED bulbs are suitable for a particular car and which are not.

The first thing to find out is the location of the LEDs in the bulb. In some LED bulbs, they may not locate in the same places where the incandescent filaments of a standard H4 bulb located, which will entail the improper distribution of the light flux in the headlight (the headlights will blind the oncoming drivers).

The second thing you need to find out is the size of the light bulb itself. A considerable number of LED bulbs have much larger dimensions than standard H4 halogen bulbs. In the headlight, not every car will be able to install a large bulb in size. There are frequent cases when car owners, for the installation of LED bulbs, cut holes in the back cover of the headlight and then seal them. Difficult work, we should avoid it. It is also possible to install special enlarged rear covers on the headlights, however, finding them on sale is not so simple.

However, today there is a real way to improve lighting on your car to install H4 LED bulbs that consume less energy and, at the same time, give noticeably more light. The bulbs do not disappoint. You need to know about their features.

car headlight

How H4 Led Bulb works

The design of the LED headlight is quite complicated; it includes several LED chips. Light is emitted from all led chips and reflected by the projector lens.

Besides, LED bulbs for h4 low and high beam cars have a heat sink or a fan for cooling the bulb. That is why powerful LED bulbs have a large size.

Actually, by supplying voltage to the led chip, electric energy converted into light energy. This approach to light generation allows you to achieve the best efficiency in comparison with other types of light sources.

For example, on average, an automotive LED headlight consumes approximately 15 watts, xenon is 35 watts, and halogen is 60 watts. In LED bulbs, 90% of the energy converted into light while the rest changes into heat. For comparison, in conventional incandescent bulbs, only 5-15% of energy converted to light; it is about 30% for halogen light; for xenon, it is about 93%.

car headlight

In addition to power indicators, LED bulbs have other factors:

– There are some models designed for both 12 and 24 V.
– For halogen bulb, the dipped beam could have 1000 lm, while the high beam has1500 lm. However, modern LED bulbs for h4 low and high beam cars can provide lighting intensities significantly exceeding these values.

The easiest way to find out the location of the LEDs is to ask them to look at the light bulb in the store. Put a standard H4 light on the LED bulb that planned to purchase and see if the location of LEDs is the same as the incandescent filaments. If the location of the diodes and the filament does not match, it is better to refuse a bulb.

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