How Long Should the Car Lamps Be Changed

Some doubt that is driving with the driving at night and, on the other hand, you will not dazzle those who circulate in our way or pedestrians.

The car light manufacturer Hella points out that three aspects that you should keep in mind:

car headlight

Change the lamps every 40,000 km or every two years

Few comply (I include myself), but the lamps reduce their intensity with use and must replace periodically. It also depends on the technology used in your car, as there are different tips to polish headlights.

Likewise, they must carry on the lighting during the rest day, motorcycles, as well as vehicles that circulate in a reversible lane or the opposite direction. That normally used in the road located, either a lane that is exclusively reserved or exceptionally open to circulation in that regard.

car headlight

It is also mandatory to use the lighting that is established by the regulation when there are meteorological or environmental conditions that significantly reduce visibility, such as in case of fog, heavy rain, snowfall, clouds of smoke or dust, or any other similar circumstance.

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