Signal your car with rotating light in accidents

Drivers of cars and other private cars may place a flashing rotary on the roof of their vehicle in case of an accident or breakdown on the road. Starting next Friday, July 23, according to the latest recommendation published in the BOE, to signal and notify other motorists of their situation, avoiding accidents due to lack of visibility.

According to Hella, a global supplier of the automobile industry, this new measure reinforces the mandatory signaling that every driver must carry in their vehicle to use in the event of an accident, such as the vest and reflective triangles required so far.

Thus, from now on, those motorists who wish may also complete their signage with a luminous device, with one or more auto yellow lights, homologated and visible in all directions from a distance of one hundred meters.

Signal your car with rotating light in accidents

This signaling, for which no administrative authorization is necessary, must always be installed above the highest 1156 led bulb lights, indicating the change of direction, without affecting the visibility of the driver or the resistance of the vehicle structure.

On the other hand, this measure will be mandatory for all those vehicles that perform a service and are on the road in a situation of stopping, parking, or traveling at a speed of fewer than forty kilometers per hour.

In this way, construction vehicles, agricultural tractors, automotive, agricultural machinery, special vehicles or transports, and military columns will be required to use this signal — also, the pilot vehicles or sports test accompaniment such as cycling gears.

To respond to those motorists who want to complete their signaling, ensuring their visibility in the event of an accident, as well as for those professional groups that must incorporate this measure into their safety protocol, Hella makes available a high-performance rotary and easy installation. For its excellent value for money, Hella highlights the KL Junior Plus model, a highly resistant and highly manageable rotary Its recommended retail price is 66 euros.

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