BMW Intelligent Headlights VS Audi LED Matrix Headlights, the Tech Comparison

Matrix Multibeam system is one of the most important factors which are used to introduce a car’s technology advance, in particular, well-known and senior products. On this race, Audi is the leader; meanwhile, BMW is following after. When spending Bi-xenon time, here is the period of LED. One true thing is that Audi are going to ahead in comparison with its opponents as BMW and Mercedes.

Audi LED Matrix Headlights

The newest achievement of Audi is Audi LED Matrix headlights which were presented at mid-November in Germany. Let’s take a look at its special function. When cornering, LED Matrix will curve the light in the direction of the curved path automatically. Especially, if receiving information about the road, this process will carry out automatically before the driver turns around the steering wheel. In case that the camera detects opposite cars, the light system will decrease the light intensity automatically. Instead of shining directly towards the approaching objects, the light beams will spread around the areas or sideways to diminish accidents. If there are no opposite cars, the lights will return to the normal state.

Audi’s latest headlamp technology, which is more advanced than competing systems from BMW and Mercedes, links computer-controlled LEDs with a camera to spare as many as eight vehicles from the glare of the high beams.The new Audi system combines 50 independently controlled LEDs to create almost 1 billion different light variations, adjusting for traffic situations such as city and highway driving and oncoming cars and bicycles.

Audi LED Matrix Headlights

BMW Intelligent Headlights

BMW is one of the pioneering brands about Xenon headlights and became famous thanks to Angel Eye. However, BMW has made up its mind to become the leader once again when equipping a new LED technology for its autos i.e. Crossover i3 and i8. Since 2011, BMW’s engineers have studied LED and transferred its basic light (bluish color) into pure white light (rather comfortable with naked-eye and not harmful).

As it becomes obvious, the Glarefree BMW Intelligent Headlights are also very adaptive to the traffic situation which results in a smooth and convenient driving too. There are several variants in which the technology operates.

For instance, the oncoming traffic can already be detected in a great distance which allows the Highbeam light to adapt in relation to other vehicles. Thus, when passing it, the headlight on the left switches to low beam right away. If there is a preceding car, then, the headlights open up a tunnel which follows the car on the front. The multi-functionality of the BMW LED headlights leave the right–hand side of the road still ideally illuminated without glaring other drivers.

BMW Intelligent Headlights


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