Amazing Black Technology, Audi A8 Matrix Headlight

In lighting technology, Audi is driving progress at high tempo. The innovative Matrix LED make driving more composed than ever and set new benchmarks with respect to design and technology.

As Audi continues to create smarter technology, it has recently released details about the Matrix LED headlights. This technology subdivides the high beam light into individual segments which works with lenses or reflectors to create the right light for various situations. Gathering information from a camera, the navigation and other sensors, the Audi can detect other vehicles which allow the high beam light to be blocked in certain subsections. Based on navigational data, the lights can predict curves and swivel the light even before the driver turns the wheel. With these headlights, the high-beam unit is made up of 25 individual segments. The small light-emitting diodes, which work in conjunction with lenses and reflectors connected.

The new technology operates with a rapidly moving micro-mirror, which redirects the laser beam. At low vehicle speeds, the light is distributed to a larger projection area, and the road is illuminated with a very wide range. At high speeds, the aperture angle is smaller, and the intensity and range of the light are increased significantly. This is especially advantageous in highway driving. In addition, the light can be distributed precisely. This means that the brightness of different lighting zones can be varied by controlling the illumination dwell times in the specific zones.

Variable headlight range control

the headlight beams are then smoothly adjusted to suit the ambient conditions. This allows optimum illumination of the road without dazzling other road users.

Also new is intelligent and lightning-fast activation and deactivation of the laser diodes in relation to the mirror position. This makes the broadening or narrowing of the luminous beam dynamic and highly variable. As with today’s Matrix LED headlights from Audi, the road is always brightly lit without causing glare to other participants in traffic. The crucial difference is that Matrix Laser technology offers even finer dynamic resolution and therefore a higher degree of utilization, which leads to greater safety in road traffic. The all-weather light also illuminates the area in front of the car which results in a much more significantly than standard fog lights. This substantially reduced the glare that is produced to the driver. Audi has also added an optional night vision assistant which is able to detect pedestrians and signal them with three pulses of the high beam to warn the pedestrian.

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