Why to choose LED headlights, some reasons for you

Summer implies a strong increase in the number of road trips, which statistically increases the risk of traffic accidents. That is why Hella, a global supplier of the automobile industry, proposes the use and generalization of daylight systems based on LED technology since they can reduce accidents by up to 5% due to lack of visibility.

The multinational notes that the daytime light systems favor the visibility of vehicles, an important factor when 90% of the accidents that occur on our roads are due to a related human failure, generally, with a poor perception of the flywheel and excessive reaction time.

According to data from the DGT, in the first half of the year, there have been 760 fatalities, 18.8% less than between January and June 2009. But, despite this improvement, 86.3 are expected this year Millions of road trips, 0.4% more than last year, which will increase the risks of accidents.

Why to choose LED headlights

With these figures, it is not surprising that the European Union has considered this issue a priority and obliges, as of February 7, 2011, that all new vehicles that are registered equip daytime lighting systems.

In addition to improving safety, LED technology has other important advantages over conventional lighting that directly affect the user’s pocket, such as fuel consumption. Thus, halogen headlights generate a fuel consumption of 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers to produce the energy they need, while LED headlights, which consume 40% less, only generate 0.12 liters.

And, apart from consumption, they are also more economical throughout their long service life. Thus, while a halogen light can last approximately 1,000 hours, equipment with 9006 led headlight bulb can have a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.

Therefore, with the normal use of the vehicle, it is likely that this lighting equipment will last as long as the vehicle itself, which means a significant saving in time and spare parts such as lamps and burned reflective surfaces.

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