8 Pros and Cons of LED Lights for Our Car

The LED technology has allowed a new type of lighting for our cars and improves the functionality of this security element

The illumination has evolved in the motor world. From the first headlights with bulbs to the current LED lights, through the xenon headlights, we have a good selection of options to illuminate the road. Perhaps it is the last of these lighting technologies that generate the most doubts. Is it advisable for LED technology to equip a car? Although it has many advantages, it is also true that several issues have to take into account. When choosing this lighting system and not make mistakes when choosing. These are some of the advantages offered by LED headlights.

LED headlights spend less energy

LED headlights consume less energy than any other lighting system. Of course, energy efficiency is increasingly essential, and lower electricity consumption also means lower fuel consumption. It is not an excessive consumption, but of course, it is something to take into account.

Longer life

The life of the LED headlights is far superior to any of the previous systems. It assumed that LEDs do not lose efficiency until they reach several tens of thousands of hours of operation. LEDs can be the entire life of the car without having to change the light blocks, something important. When its useful life passes, the intensity of the emitted light gradually degrades, not suddenly, so they can last a long time before losing effectiveness.

The lighting is brighter and white

LED headlights emit more colorful and white light. More lighting means that the emitted light does not get too much insight and can be driven more comfortably at night.

Advanced performance

LED headlights allow greater versatility in terms of performance. The lighting systems that reduce the visual impact if we cross another vehicle, avoiding glare by disconnecting part of the LEDs. Disconnect LEDs are more complicated to achieve with standard lighting and directly impossible in older systems.

Customizable with a thousand and one shapes

The design of the new models can be improved thanks to the LED headlights. These allow different forms to be used, which can be adapted to create a differentiating brand image.

Disadvantages of LED headlights

In addition to all these advantages over other types of automotive lights, some problems must also highlight. These are small details that are sure to be resolved in a short time since it is a handy and efficient lighting system. For example, the high operating temperature.

The LED lights generate a lot of heat, and this raises the temperature of the headlights. To solve this problem, engineers have to design and develop both active and passive cooling systems. At the same time, that heat does not pass to the transparent surface of the headlamp. It does not heat up, and in cases of frost, heavy rain and low temperatures. The efficiency of the LED headlights can reduce, and the light emission diminishes by the effect of the possible layer of ice, which does not melt.

You also have to keep in mind that, as in everything, there are different types of 9006 LED headlight bulb conversion kit, so not all are the same. There are LED headlights that do not generate the same amount of light as others and equip with intelligent lighting systems. Although, in general, all offer good behavior on the road, not all outperform other methods such as xenon headlights, which can illuminate more distance in some cases. Usually, LED headlight systems that equip high-end models are much more efficient. But in lower ranges or optional LED headlights, it may not be a good idea to use them.

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